Literacy for Los Angeles

Project Literacy

“Established in 1990 by UCLA students, Project Literacy has been operating for 26 years, dedicated to serving areas of LA which are shown to have low literacy rates. Since the founding of Project Literacy, our program has grown to serve five different socio-economically disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles. Project Literacy’s purpose is to improve literacy rates in these areas through one-on-one, individualized tutoring, and to provide mentors for the children and adults we serve, motivating them to continue their education and pursue both academic and non-academic goals.

Commitment Required:

Once a week for a quarter, weeks 2-9

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept tutor applications at the beginning of every quarter! 

Leadership Opportunities:

All of our tutors can choose to be interns with one of three committees that compose the director board: Education committee, Logistics committee, and Programs & Publicity committee. This opportunity gives you experience in the planning and operations of the project and allows you to get to know members of the director board. Additionally, we offer an education class in the winter for academic credit, and optional socials and seminars throughout each quarter for all of our volunteers.

Social Media:

Project Literacy Website