Peer to peer mentorship


Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) is a national organization that originally began at UCLA in 1992. WYSE is an LAUSD approved curriculum-based mentorship program which pairs UCLA students with 7th or 8th grade mentees. The WYSE national curriculum is designed to provide students with the resources and information necessary to make independent and informed decisions. 

 UCLA mentors visit 8 weeks per quarter either during lunch or after school. Each weekly site typically consists of icebreakers and one-on-one activities, followed by a group discussion of the week’s topic. These topics cover a wide range of the experiences middle school students are currently facing or will likely be challenged with in the near future. If a mentee expresses interest in a specific topic, or something comes up at school that administrators and/or teachers ask that we address, we also will base site topics around those requests.
Topics include:
• Self Esteem, Body Image
• College Planning & Future Options
• Racism & Gender Stereotypes
• Conflict Mediation 
• Internet & Social Media Safety
• Women’s Health & Eating Disorders 
• Responsible Decision-Making
• Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships  
• Preventing Violence Against Women 
• Basic Anatomy, Sex & Birth Control
In addition to weekly site visits, WYSE mentors also:
• Communicate and build a relationship with their mentee’s parents
• Plan field trips for mentees to visit UCLA to learn about higher education and to local museums in Los Angeles to continue learning outside the classroom.

Commitment Required:

WYSE is a year long commitment. Mentors must be able to attend the same school site for fall, winter and spring quarters so that they are able to consistently mentor their student mentee throughout the year. Sites will be held from Week 2 through Week 9 (8 sites per quarter, 24 sites per school year). Two excused absences are permitted per quarter.

We currently are mentoring on Mondays from 11:30AM-2PM at Mark Twain Middle School.

Mentors must also attend a weekly Reflection Meeting on Mondays from 7-8PM.

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept mentor applications at the beginning of Fall quarter. We are in the process of establishing additional school sites and will re-open the application in Winter and/or Spring quarter once the partnership has been finalized.
If you are unable to attend site but would like to become involved, email Mentors who cannot attend site are still welcome to attend mentor socials and join one of our WYSE committees (site planning, social activities, publicity)

Leadership Opportunities:

Applications for the director board are released to all WYSE members at the end of Winter quarter. Members might also join one of our many committees at the beginning of every quarter to learn more about the club and prepare themselves for one of our leadership positions.

Social Media:

WYSE Facebook Page