Watts Tutorial Program

“Watts Tutorial Program was established in 1990 to serve the low income housing community of Watts in East LA. Since then, we have expanded to also cater to the nearby William Mead housing project. Each week, we bring in students in grades K-12 to campus for a meaningful activity, time for tutoring and help with homework, and a healthy home-cooked meal. Both the tutors and the tutees gain from the relationships that are built and fostered each week.”


Tutors are expected to be at tutoring on Wednesdays each week from 5:15PM (15 minutes before the students arrive) until 7:30PM (until the students depart safely on their buses). Additionally, once per quarter we have a special activity on a Saturday that usually lasts about 4 hours. Those days, we spend either on a field trip or in one of the sites to which we cater.

 Ways to Get Involved:

Students who are interested can do so by contacting us through our email, wattstutorialprogram@gmail.com or Facebook page for further instruction.

Leadership Opportunities:

Director applications are opened for available positions in the winter to allow for director shadowing during the spring.

Social Media: