Reinvigorating Civic Engagement

Vote for Our Future

“Vote For Our Future (V4F) is a non-partisan, student-run organization dedicated to reinvigorating civic engagement at UCLA for the 2016 elections. The best way for young adults to become a part of the political process is for them to realize that voting can be a means to achieve their goals. It is our plan to energize student passions and provide easy avenues for students to vote, as well as to register to vote.”

Commitment Required:

Weekly meetings as well as department projects.

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept applications anytime throughout the year. Email your resume to to set up an interview.

Leadership Opportunities:

Vote For Our Future is comprised of five departments; Registration, Finance, Public Relations, Greek Life, and Film and Media. Leadership opportunities are achieved through dedication and time put into the organization. Until a leadership position is achieved, general members also work in these specific departments.

Social Media: