“Vietnamese Language and Culture (VNLC) was founded in 1994 at the University of California, Los Angeles to promote and preserve Vietnamese customs by upholding the values of cultural involvement and higher education. By teaching Vietnamese language classes in the youth community (SVT), forming a high school tutoring and mentorship program (REACHE), and hosting an annual Tet Festival at UCLA, VNLC enables individuals of all ages to engage in and become more aware of traditional Vietnamese activities.

Commitment Required:

At least two sites per quarter

Ways to Get Involved:

Attend our general meetings to find out more about volunteering opportunities! We accept new tutors every quarter.

Leadership Opportunities:

VNLC recruits interns during fall quarter. Interns will be able to establish close relationships with our current directors to observe and learn more about the group’s internal dynamics. They will have a larger role during site visits and meetings and will contribute to planning fundraisers and cultural/educational events. All members will be welcome to apply for a director position at the beginning of spring quarter.

Social Media:

VNLC Website