Education + Healthcare


“SCOPE empowers the greater Los Angeles community through meaningful service that minimizes disparities in education and healthcare. 
Established in the summer of 2003, SCOPE began its work as a child and family resource in the waiting room of the UCLA Children’s Health Center. Advised by Alice Kuo M.D. Ph.D. M.Ed., a pediatric physician, and Todd Franke Ph.D., a professor of Social Welfare, SCOPE has now grown to operate four different volunteer programs in order to serve communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.”

Commitment Required:

One shift per week (weeks 2-9)

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept volunteer applications at the beginning of Fall quarter! 

Leadership Opportunities:

 All of our volunteers can choose to be interns within their respective programs towards the end of Winter quarter. Internships allow volunteers to gain experience managing the logistics of their respective program, thus aiding the application process for volunteers who are interested in becoming program coordinators. 

Social Media:

SCOPE Website