Health and Service.

Pilipinos for Community Health

Established in 1989, Pilipinos for Community Health (PCH) serves the socio-economically disadvantaged communities in the Greater Los Angeles area as well as the Philippines by providing health services and education. We address common health issues evident in these communities through three main components: Community Outreach (Health Fairs, Medical Outreach, Senior Smiles), Preventive Health, and Pre-Health Advising and Mentorship. PCH aims to impact its community and provide members with lifelong learning experiences.


To be declared an active member, the following must be completed per quarter:

  • 7 hours of volunteering (Preventive Health Sites, Health Fairs, Senior Smiles, Health Fairs Publicity)

  • Attend 3 general meetings, socials, or the equivalent (pre-health panel, study-hour session, mentorship program event)

  • Participate in 1 Fundraising Effort (Work at fundraiser for 30 min., purchase PCH shirt, or donate to fundraiser)

 Ways to Get Involved:

We accept volunteer applications all year round!

Leadership Opportunities:

PCH offers many leadership opportunities including the following: Executive Directors (President, Internal Director, External Director), Health Fairs Directors, Preventive Health Directors, Senior Smiles Directors, Medical Outreach Director, Pre-Health Advising and Mentorship Directors, Member Relations Directors, and Fundraising Director; Internships for each component are also available for anyone who is interested. PCH Community Outreach and Preventive Health directors take the initiative in planning and coordinating free health sites for medically underserved populations both locally and internationally, whereas Pre-Health Advising and Mentorship directors are responsible for our pre-health panels and mentorship program for our members. Being a director in a health organization such as PCH also allows pre-health students to have a competitive edge when it comes to applying to health professional schools in the future.

Social Media:

Website: Pilipinos for Community Health