This scholarship recognizes undergraduates for their leadership in service and social change.

The Robert S. Michaels Leadership in Service Award, formerly the USAC Community Service Scholarship, recognizes individuals who have gone beyond their role as students and in turn have integrated service as an integral part of their UCLA experience and have shown outstanding leadership in their service work. Each recipient is awarded $1000 which will be distributed through the student’s BAR account over Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Additionally, each award recipient will select a UCLA service group that is a Registered Campus Organization (RCO), to receive the John H. Sarvey Service Award: an additional $250 to use during the 2018-2019 school year for organization-related purposes.

This scholarship is named in honor of Robert S. Michaels, former USAC President and primary supporter who served as the key figure in the establishment of the award. Through Michaels’ initial and continued support, guidance, and advocacy on behalf of the Community Service Commission and Office of the President, service-minded undergraduates are recognized for their ongoing and impressive contributions to the community. Bob came to UCLA in 1963 from Fairfax High School, in Los Angeles.  He served as Sophomore Class President and as Student Welfare Commissioner before becoming Student Body President in 1967; the Student Council reorganized in 1965 and Bob created the position of Student Welfare Commissioner which remains today as Student Wellness Commissioner.  Bob spent the summer of 1965 in Washington, DC, creating the UCLA Washington Internship Program, and returned to DC in the summer of 1966 to lead over 50 UCLA Interns in the first edition of this successful program which remains in existence, stronger than ever, 50 years after its creation.  In fact, Bob has returned after all these years to the service of UCLA and ASUCLA to help make his beloved Internship Experience a part of the life of every UCLA student.  Hopefully this will occur within the next few years, making the Internship Opportunity a part of the unique UCLA educational experience for every undergraduate student. Bob went on to graduate from UCLA Law School and practiced law for several years in the Los Angeles area and then in other parts of the world.  He became the head of a large Surety and Financial company based in Zurich, Switzerland.  Bob now lives in Park City, Utah, with his wife Sherry.  He has three daughters, living in different parts of the world, each with a wonderful story of their own.

The supplemental award for student groups is named in honor of the late John Hoang Sarvey, former USAC President & Community Service Commissioner. During his time at UCLA, Sarvey advocated on behalf of many different students and communities. He was a leader among students of color and lent his support to groups like the Afrikan Student Union during their initial years. He also became involved with the IMPACT Conference which unites collegiate-level community service organizations nationwide and fosters dialogues about successful advocacy, programming, and service.



This award is open to current UCLA undergraduate students who are not graduating this year (June 2018). You must be enrolled as a student during the 2018-2019 school year. The application should spotlight community service performed during the student’s undergraduate career, although the work does not have to be within UCLA organizations or departments.

To apply for this award:

1. Download the application file below.

2. Complete and submit the application to Please make your subject line is: 2018-2019_Michaels Award_Applicant Name.

Applicant must be available on April 14, 2018 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM for the Michaels Award Ceremony.