Raising awareness for the homeless

Hunger Project

“Hunger Project at UCLA is an undergraduate-run service organization that aims to combat homelessness, raise awareness, and keep the conversation about homelessness alive in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our mission is to not only provide basic aid, but also to help disadvantaged members reintegrate into society. As a community of volunteers, interns, and student leaders, we are dedicated towards our mission of helping end the cycle of homelessness and educating people on homelessness. Unfortunately, some people believe that people are homeless because they are lazy or unmotivated; however, the most common causes of homelessness are often unforeseen circumstances, such as getting laid off from a job or having mental illnesses. As an organization, we hope to end stereotypes about homelessness.  Throughout the year, we also work with local non-profit organizations such as People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) and Monday Night Mission in order to provide our service recipients food, hygiene kits, mentoring, and support.”

Commitment Required:

Members of Hunger Project are expected to volunteer a total of 16 hours each quarter, and commit to the organization for the entire school year. Members can choose from about 5 different sites each week, in which they may prepare and distribute meals as well as hygiene kits on Skid Row and at People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) shelters, or teach art workshops and other creative activities at PATH.

Ways to Get Involved:

Students interested in serving the homeless population with Hunger Project can do so by filling out our application found at http://www.hungerprojectatucla.com/ under “Apply to Join our Cause”. Applications are accepted at the beginning of every school year!

Leadership Opportunities:

Applications for director positions come out during the Spring, and new directors will be appointed during the Spring quarter.

Social Media:

Hunger Project Website