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Glendale Learning Program

“Glendale Learning Program (GLP) was originally established in 1989 as the Armenian Tutorial Project and served to aid the transition of new Armenian immigrant families into the Glendale area. Since the program’s establishment, however, the needs of the Glendale community have changed, and GLP has evolved to better address those needs with regards to education. Today, GLP works with a diverse group of students, a majority of whom do not possess the resources to excel academically. It is the program’s mission to empower students through one-on-one tutoring and mentorship so that they not only gain the confidence to succeed academically, but develop a lifelong love for learning. GLP also aims to inspire students to pursue higher education by introducing them to topics in science, health, and environment-related fields that are not necessarily taught in class, thus providing students with greater opportunities to explore their respective passions.”


Members of Glendale Learning Program (GLP) may choose between tutoring students at either Wilson Middle School or Roosevelt Middle School 5 to 6 times per quarter. Our site at Wilson Middle School takes place on Saturday mornings while our Roosevelt site takes place in the afternoons during the week. We request that members commit to GLP for the entire school year.

 Ways to Get Involved:

Students interested in becoming tutors for GLP can do so by filling out our application, which can be found on our website

Leadership Opportunities:

Applications for all director positions will become available during the winter, with new directors being appointed in the spring.

Social Media:

GLP Website