Drug awareness

Drug Outreach and Education Program

“The Drug Outreach & Education Program (DOEP) was founded in 2011 by four UCLA students. Our purpose is to educate members of the greater Los Angeles community about illegal, prescription, and recreational drugs. We give presentations that include information on history, past and current usage, and physical and psychological effects of the drugs. We spread awareness by providing accurate and current information to our audience, many of whom are unaware of certain drugs and their effects. Our non­biased presentations encourage education and informed decision­ making regarding the use of drugs rather than discouraging drug use.

Commitment Required:

Once a month for a quarter; Weeks 2-9

Ways to Get Involved:

We hold general meetings every week! 

Leadership Opportunities:

There are two officer positions currently available in DOEP, one being the Treasurer position and the other being the Social Media & Publicity Director. Volunteers are also welcomed to shadow President, Vice President, and Event Coordinator positions for future experience and/or future application. 

Social Media:

DOEP Website