“BruinHope, a project of the Community Service Commission, collects monetary, material, and food donations for orphan children at La Tribu de Jesus in Tijuana, Mexico.  Our volunteers visit the children twice during the quarter. During the trip we hope that the donations, paired with the interactions that our volunteers give to the children, will aid in some aspects of the children’s living, educational, and emotional needs. From our visitations, we hope to gain an understanding of a different culture and socioeconomic community from our own, in order to help us serve these children in a more effective and compassionate manner.”


Commitment can either be done by attending our monthly trips to Tijuana, Mexico, or can be done by attending our weekly meetings, on Tuesday, where we prepare for these trips!

 Ways to Get Involved:

The easiest way to get involved is to message our facebook page, BruinHope, to get on the email list. Once on this list, you will receive information about our organization’s meetings, and dates for the trips to Tijuana!

Leadership Opportunities:

BruinHope has numerous Directorship positions, given the complex, multifaceted nature of our organization, and the immense planning involved Directorship positions are given on the basis of commitment to the organization, and are decided by the current directors!

Social Media: