Battling student homelessness

Bruin Shelter

“Bruin Shelter will be the 3rd student-run, student-initiated homeless shelter in the nation, the 1st homeless shelter for homeless college students, and the only youth homeless shelter on the Westside. Using donations, grants, and support from community partners, we provide 8-10 homeless college students with overnight housing and food for 6 months, while helping them transition into permanent housing. During their stay, we strive to create a safe and supportive space for residents, where they take agency in shaping the space to fit their needs and desires. Bruin Shelter provides a family, one that our residents can always rely on whenever they need.”

Commitment Required:

Volunteer: One dinner shift, every 2 weeks, week 1-finals
Supervisor: One overnight shift, every 2 weeks, week 1-finals,  One dinner shift, once a month, week 1-finals

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept volunteer and supervisor applications at the end of the year, and may have recruitment at the start of Winter

Leadership Opportunities:

Any individual who joins the organization as a supervisor is inherently taking on a leadership position. They will be responsible for overseeing volunteers, checking up with residents, and helping the director board with policy changes for the shelter. All volunteers and supervisors that join the organization will be engaged in (low-commitment) research projects that delve into problems related to homelessness. These projects will help our members develop their own voice in order to understand and fight the problems facing our society today.

Social Media:

Bruin Shelter Website