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Bruin Partners

“Established in 1990, Bruin Partners is a team of UCLA students who work to tackle the education gap for students in underserved communities through one-on-one academic tutoring and personal mentorship. We work specifically with Marina del Rey Middle School and have recently added a high school component in partnership with Venice High to tutor S.A.T prep. Our mission is to form a positive and trusting relationship between our UCLA mentors and our students, hoping to motivate them to achieve their academic and personal goals.”


Student mentors commit one (1) site day visit per week throughout the quarter, roughly three (3) hours per week. Transportation to and from site is provided. While commitment for the entire year is not required, it is one of our top priorities as we recruit new members.

Ways to Get Involved:

To apply to become a mentor, visit: Applications open at the beginning of every quarter.

Leadership Opportunities:

During spring quarter we have an intern program that allows our members to be groomed into director positions and join our staff. Applications will be available during winter quarter, accepted interns will participate in the program throughout spring quarter, and positions will be determined by the end of spring quarter.

Social Media:



Instagram: @bruinpartners