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Bruin Initiative

“Bruin Initiative is a student-run volunteer organization at UCLA committed to helping underserved high school students from the surrounding Los Angeles Area pursue higher education. Our mission is to minimize disparities in educational resources by providing free weekly SAT classes to students from underserved communities. We also hold Personal Statement Workshops during the Fall Quarter for high-school seniors, most of whom have completed our SAT class the previous year. It is common knowledge that students who attend college are more likely to earn higher incomes later on in life. We hope that by providing more educational resources for students, we will motivate our students to go to college, pursue their passions, and ultimately bring success back to their communities.

Commitment Required:

 Attend bi-weekly meetings and participate in at least two classes per quarter.

Ways to Get Involved:

We recruit at the beginning of each quarter, and volunteers are welcome to join any time!

Leadership Opportunities:

 Volunteers will gain valuable leadership experience and public speaking skills by serving as a mentor to students during the SAT classes and college application workshops. In addition, outgoing and actively involved students will be able to apply for leadership positions within Bruin Initiative, where they will be able to work with other members of the director board and contribute to the planning and logistics of the organization.

Social Media:

Bruin Initiative Website