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Amigos de UCLA

“Amigos de UCLA, established in 1962, is the longest running tutorial project in the Community Service Commission. Our project originally focused on improving living conditions in Tijuana, Mexico, but we have since seen a need for our services in the immediate Los Angeles community. As a result, Amigos now focuses its efforts on achieving educational enrichment and equity in Arlington Heights, an under-resourced community in mid-city LA. Through weekly one-on-one tutoring at our elementary and middle school sites, our little and big amigos build a a strong reciprocal relationship in which both tutor and tutee benefit from the experience. Amigos de UCLA aims to provide each little amigos with unwavering support in both their academic and extracurricular lives by promoting higher education through a social justice framework.”

Commitment Required:

Once a week for a quarter – weeks 2 through 9

Ways to Get Involved:

We accept tutor applications at the beginning of the quarter! Spanish and tutoring experience are a plus but definitely not required. Check us out on our website and social media (@amigosdeucla) to find out more

Leadership Opportunities:

During Winter Quarter, tutors can become more involved in Amigos by applying to join our growing board of directors as an intern. Interns shadow outgoing directors in their respective positions, facilitate operations at site, plan activities and field trips, and eventually become full-fledged directors by the end of the year.

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